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    Company name
  • Company: Justcoin Exchange
    Founded: 2013
  • Server location
  • Server Location: IE, NO
  • Company's turnover in dollars
  • Turnover: 15 mn Eur yearly
  • Mobile version
  • Mobile version: Responsive Design
  • BTC price
  • Current BTC price: -
  • Available currencies
  • Currencies: EUR, NOK, USD
  • Withdrawal fee
  • Fee: From 0.5% - 0%
  • Withdrawal time
  • Time: 0.5 day
  • Application programming interface
  • API: Yes
  • Support via
  • Support: Live chat, Tickets, Email

Justcoin Review


Justcoin is a digital currency exchange, founded in 2013 with its office in Oslo, Norway. Justcoin is solely an intermediary and does not buy or sell currency.

Justcoin is founded by Andreas Brekken and Klaus Bugge Lund. Klaus is CEO and responsible for administration, daily settlement and non-technical support. Klaus is 27 years old and holds a Master’s degree in finance from the Norwegian Business School. Andreas is CTO/lead developer of Justcoin and creator of the open source project Snow, which Justcoin is based on. Andreas has graduated from the University of Oslo with a bachelor degree in computer science. Being a highly experienced programmer he probably influenced Justcoins focus on API, strong technological background and custom solutions, that are not found in many other Bitcoin exchanges.

Being quite locally focused exchange, Justcoin already has more than 22000 registered users what is quite impressive. According to Alexa rankings, their daily visitor count exceeds 13 000 what leads to the idea that many of registered users are using this exchange quite often.

Justcoin uses CloudFlares CDN service to host their website, what means that their content is loaded extremely fast, no matter where you live. For example, europeans will see content from Belgium, US inhabitants will get traffic from US servers etc.

Justcoin does not provide many information about the turnover, what would be useful for new members when deciding which exchange to choose for their first Bitcoin transaction, however you can find their chart on Bitcoincharts.com, which states that their 30-day currency trade volume over 350 000 EUR.

Justcoin has a liquid fee for each transfer from Bitcoin to USD/EUR/LTC or from USD/EUR/LTC to Bitcoin, which may shift from 0,5% to 0% depending on your traded amount during last 30 days.

The most used way of support is live chat, which they have implemented and get a huge plus from us for it. However, sometimes it takes quite long to get an answer from the live chat operator, leaving e-mail as an alternative way of communication.

Although Justcoin has no mobile application, their mobile version of the site does the job quite well.

We liked:

- Light and intuitive design
- Support of alternative crypto currencies (XRP, LTC)
- Strong technological background
- Size of the fees
- Active blog
- Affiliate program
- USD, EUR, NOK deposits & withdrawals
- SSL protocol and other privacy features

We weren’t so sure about:

- The focus in one region
- Mobile version
- Live chat operator speed
- Information about the turnover is not easily found

We hated:

- No phone number


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  • March 20, 2014

    Efficient and quick exchange. Very simple and easy to use interface. One of if not the only exchange to trade in Krone.

  • May 5, 2014

    Good exchange. I am small trader and used several x’ses. This one does not stands out very much but i have no bad words for it. I hope all these exchanges will develop new features in near future. And I will earn more to trade :)))))))

    Boris the BitMan