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    Company name
  • Company: BitStamp
    Founded: 2011
  • Server location
  • Server Location: GB
  • Company's turnover in dollars
  • Turnover: 276,225,151
  • Mobile version
  • Mobile version: No
  • BTC price
  • Current BTC price: -
  • Available currencies
  • Currencies: EUR, GBP, USD
  • Withdrawal fee
  • Fee: From 0.5%
  • Withdrawal time
  • Time: 3 day
  • Application programming interface
  • API: Yes
  • Support via
  • Support: Email

BitStamp Review


Bitstamp is a crypto-currency exchange platform that is based in UK. The company called Bitstamp Ltd. is located in Berkshire, United Kingdom. A few extra features that Bitstamp allows is to buy the Internet currency known as XRP as they act as a gateway to the Ripple system. Also there is a way to buy/sell bitcoins with your wanted price using Limit Orders with your set price. Moreover there is an Order Book available will all the bids and asks for everyone to investigate the market. However, Bitstamp do not sell bitcoins themselves, but they provide a safe environment for any individual who is selling them.

BitStamp’s owner is Nejc Kodric. The company was founded in August 2011. They started really small at the time, but Bitstamp is if not the most popular bitcoin exchange then it is very close to the first spot of the numerous exchanges active today.

Server of the exchange is located in the United Kingdom. The company works under the jurisdiction of the English Courts.

The last 30 days turnover reaches $276,225,151.28 what could easily put Bitstamp exchange to the top one spot if they would be competing to reach it. As we can see lots of users entrust their money to this exchange. It has become really popular among bitcoin users.

Unfortunately, we could not find an official app for your phone from Bitstamp. There is a few apps there that allows you to trade via Bitstamp, but we would not suggest using them for security measures.

The commission is quite above the average if you just started trading or are a small trader. The fee that Bitstamp charges per trade starts from 0.50% and it can get to as low as 0.20% if your monthly trades would reach $150,000. In order to start trading you will have to wait about 24 hours for the funds to get to your Bitstamp account.

Bitstamp provides the ability to use not just HTTP API but also WebSocket API. It is a plus to them that users are be able to use these.

If you want to contact Bitstamp, sadly you might be disappointed and have to wait for a response for quite some time as there is only an e-mail available. The lack of other faster communication ways can be really frustrating with an urgent situation at hand.

In conclusion, considering Bitstamp is probably the biggest bitcoin exchange at the moment, there are some pros and cons. You most definitely are going to sell your bitcoins there, even if you are using Limit orders with your set price, as the market is very active. On the other hand lack of an instantaneous way of getting help from support might be a huge turn off sometimes when in need of a fast response. Also, it seems that more frustration is going around the web about the needed photo of your ID and your face and date-stamp in order to withdraw bitcoins.

We liked:

- Very High turnover
- Two versions of API available
- Exchanging Ripple
- Very active market

We weren’t so sure about:

- Fee rates
- Verification process

We hated:

- No mobile version

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  • May 1, 2014

    Very good exchange, i made a lot of transactions using this one and never had an issue. Very fast and reliable.

  • May 1, 2014

    Good exchange but rates are a bit too high….

  • May 5, 2014

    Hi guys, please tell me why bitcoin prices differs market to market? Its like non-sense. If you have dollar you have the same dollar everywhere? WTF? Did I missed something?

    • May 20, 2014

      Hello Peter,

      Bitcoin price is different on every exchange due to the demand/supply rating. Exchanges with more users have better prices usually.

      Carlyle Alberico