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Best Coin Exchange » Shopify Now Offers BitPay And Coinbase For Bitcoin Payments

Shopify Now Offers BitPay And Coinbase For Bitcoin Payments

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Carlyle Alberico on July 16, 2014 - 11:16 pm in News

Shopify is an online e-commerce marketplace platform that has added a new Bitcoin financial service provider Coinbase on its system, that will enable approximately 70,000 merchants to implement Bitcoin processing feature on their sites.

The company started to accept Bitcoin payments in November and at that time offered BitPay as payments processor to its merchants. The addition of Coinbase results in a possibility for the merchants to pick one from two major Bitcoin processors now available.

By supporting multiple payment providers it might provoke them to innovate more and upgrade their services from what users will benefit even more.

Internal resources section including information about both Coinbase and BitPay account offers has been updated by Shopify, showing in detail how they can be activated by online merchants.

Coinbase initiative

Shopify is running an open-source payments integration platform which enables payment providers to develop their own integrations.

Coinbase took the initiative on joining Shopify by building the integration tool itself. After that it only needed to be approved by the e-commerce platform staff to be added as a new feature.

The initiative might be connected with customers asking that Coinbase would be added on the system even after the BitPay option was made possible. Also, different features offered by these two platforms is a major factor here.

As a result, merchants can now test both services on Shopify before ultimately selecting a partner.

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