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Best Coin Exchange » New App Lets You Tip Musicians With Bitcoin

New App Lets You Tip Musicians With Bitcoin

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Carlyle Alberico on June 4, 2014 - 10:34 pm in News

Cheers is a concept bitcoin powered service meant to enable people to support artists by tipping them with digital currency.

The app connects mobile platform that allows to send bitcoin tips to musicians with a social network that lets users send messages, share information with friends and look for new performers to contribute to.

The developers of Cheers application aim to offer a way for music enthusiasts to connect with artists, however this platform may expand greatly and allow to reward all kinds of artists, like graphic designers, writers, filmmakers.

Cheers lets you send cryptocurrency to musicians if you are listening to them playing live which is very exciting feature or just stumbled upon one of their tracks around the internet.

The ability for the app to recognize live music is really amusing. Cheers profits from The Echo Nest, a music database that can guaranty access to more then 35 million known songs and artists.

When the app has recognized the song, the users can then write a message to the artist and donate bitcoin. The user then sends a ‘cheer’ that is where the name of the app comes.

The service does not require the artists to sign up to be able to receive bitcoin donations. Cheers manages this part by reaching to the artists and aims to create a network of musicians brought together on their platform.

If the tip is not delivered in two months, Cheers will refund these donations to the users without any fees. The service does not have any other transaction fees apart from the normal operating fees of the bitcoin network.

Cheers may change the way that regular people communicate with artists with its creative use of social media.

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