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Best Coin Exchange » CoinJar Returns to Apple’s App Store With All Features Restored

CoinJar Returns to Apple’s App Store With All Features Restored

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Carlyle Alberico on June 5, 2014 - 2:50 pm in News

Australia-based Bitcoin exchange and wallet provider has announced that iOS app is now available for users in Australia and UK.

Cupertino updated App Store policy three days ago which indicated that apps could lighten the transmission of “verified” virtual currencies in accordance federal and state laws.

Regardless of the widespread enthusiasm that had followed the announcement, it is still unclear what exactly this policy change means for digital currencies which are still battle to define their regulatory in the world.

Nevertheless is potentially a positive sign given by Apple as it previously had banned CoinJar’s app from the app store.

Reaction in community

Though the full ramifications of these news are uncertain, the reaction of Reddit’s Bitcoin community was mostly positive regarding to the news.

Ryan Zhou, the co-founder of CoinJar, spoiled some additional news, suggesting the app will soon be more broadly available.

Users in UK and Australia are already reporting success in the functionality of the app.

Good times to begin?

Nic Cary, the CEO of Blockchain. Told that his company will be looking to resubmit their app to Apple for a review. He is being cautiously optimistic about the chance of the app being approved.

Apple’s anti-bitcoin policy has been a great threat to the proliferation of Bitcoin. Still, it remains unclear how everything will change and if other apps will get a green light as well as CoinJar.

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