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Best Coin Exchange » BitXatm Plans to Deliver 1,000 Bitcoin ATMs to US

BitXatm Plans to Deliver 1,000 Bitcoin ATMs to US

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Carlyle Alberico on July 23, 2014 - 8:36 pm in News

BitXatm a Bitcoin ATM provider based in Germany has announced a new partnership which will require the company to ship one thousand units to the United States aiming to build the biggest Bitcoin ATM network in the country.

Los Angeles-based CryptVision will be the BitXatm partner for this initiative. CryptVision is a startup pursuing the goal of building the biggest Bitcoin ATMs network around the world. Part of the deal obliges CryptVision to become the main provide of BitXatms in the Canada and US.

CryptVision is going to provide the ATMs for free to qualified operators. The qualification process will start at 25th of July. The company plans to treat the ATMs as vending machines and handle the licensing and other financial responsibilities.

Startup with a new product

BitXatm was launched in April this year and its signature unit is the Sumo Pro which can be equipped with one-way or two-way transaction capabilities in conjunction with its POS features. BitXatm upgraded its product to Sumo Pro ATM in May. The units were displayed at the TNABC.

Sumo Pro ATMs can accept and distribute any cryptocurrency and also offers a web-based end for operators to manage the cash flow, profits and to alter the setting on the ATM remotely.

The company is prepared to provide its full support for it units to CryptoVision after all of them will be deployed.

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