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Best Coin Exchange » A Quarter of Burger Stall Sales in Bitcoin and Dogecoin

A Quarter of Burger Stall Sales in Bitcoin and Dogecoin

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Carlyle Alberico on May 30, 2014 - 11:48 pm in News

Burger Bear a burger vendor located in East London announced that a quarter of their revenue is received via digital currency. The business started to accept bitcoin in November.

Tom Reaney, Burger Bear’s founder, said that 60% of the cryptocurrency received by his burger stall is in bitcoin, while surprisingly the rest 40% is made in dogecoin. Amazement comes from the enthusiasts of this Shiba Inu inspired digital currency.

It seems that the community of dogecoin became fond of the Burger Bear and its extra-large burgers. People come from all over the world to pay with dogecoin.

Around 400,000 in dogecoin has been tipped to Reaney. People send dogecoin to him asking to feed someone who needs it, just to tell them that dogecoin fed them.

Burger Bear has done a few charitable events when they were giving free burgers away to random people. You can gather that dogecoin is a lot more community focused than other cryptocurrencies.

After closing a really successful kickstarter campaign, Reaney’s burger business is looking to expand. They project is to build a diner out of shipping containers, which will be located in East London near the first bitcoin ATM launched in London. The new unusual diner opens its doors in July.

More and more people are using digital currency for simple everyday affairs like purchasing food. It suggests that awareness for cryptocurrency is increasing rapidly.

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